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Went to fossil creek carenow Fort Worth Tx three and half hours later we were out the door we did web check in I don't recommend coming Here find some where's else to go

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Money sucking pit aside, I have no issue paying for medical care if I get results. I made it very clear I do not see PA's and all said and done I was thrown in with a PA misrepresenting himself as a medical doctor. Furthermore, they have no respect for HIPAA they refuse to release your complete records cover to cover and the records you do got are blacked out hiding full detailed information. They are so concerned with the health of their... Read more

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I spent 3 hours at their place the first day. The first dose of medicine made the symptoms much worse and i have been calling them about 10 times and they keep rerouting me or keeping me on hold before they answer my call. Even after that the Doctors are so precious that they dont have time/interest to come on the phone for their patients that too when their prescription is not working well. The doctor will only talk to us if we pay them again... Read more

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  • Aug 10
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Came to Care Now in NORTH GARLAND, texas to get 6 staples removed from a head injury. A week later while at work, my co-workee notices I still have one staple in my head. So.....the doctor some how did not remove all of the staples. SMH, I will never return to this place✌

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 29
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Worst waiting time ever! Even when you check in early over an hour wait

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These people are rude and heartless! I have been in excruciating pain since they misdiagnosed me monday and I cant even get someone to answer my questions or call me back! They should have the name CareNever! Read more

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My son and i waited for a little over an hour in the waiting room then another 45mins in the exam room, only for the doctor to come in and move my son's jaw from side to side ,then say , i don't know if it is dislocated, or if he has a fracture but i recommend him to go to the ER, and then had the nerve to charge me $130, when I asked why ? The nurse who also didnt know what she was doing stated its our standard fee, i was floored, are you... Read more

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Came for a workman comp injury. Dr. Mark Shafik is not a doctor who cares for the patient. He is working for the business that pays Care now for workmans comp. He makes makes you believe that what he is telling you is for your benefit but really he is just screwing you over. He's the managing director for the fossil creek location. Don't go to this guy. He is the worse "doctor" they have there. Do not trust him!! Read more

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If you are thinking of being treated here for a workers' compensation injury, don't. The first two visits went ok. I was referred to a specialist which took a while to get set up. This is not CareNow's fault as the WC system is very slow. Fine. I get it. What worries me is I had a follow-up appointment scheduled the day after my specialist appointment. Dr. Shafik, the medical director, was the treating doctor that day. He did not review... Read more

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Don't go to Care Now for an insurance physical. My insurance company requires a VERY basic physical for a cost reduction on premiums; a basic physical that they will fully cover -- no deductible, no co-pay. Get the physical and save money on the insurance premiums. Cleared going to Care Now for that service with the insurance company, cleared that Care Now could provide the basic physical and ONLY the physical before setting the appointment,... Read more

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