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I made an appointment at care now in Desoto tx on 01/22/2012 and was seen in a timely manner. I used care now because it was convenient as I was sick on a Sunday with a sinus infection.

I was seen by Doctor. She came in and examined my chest and head. She then told me she would prescribe an antibiotic called Clarithromycin 500 mg to be taken two pills every day. I asked it it was a derivative of any of the antibiotics I was currently allergic to.

She said no. I told her I usually do well with Levaquin as I get a lot of sinus infections. She informed me she was not going to prescribe me Levaquin. I requested a shot to make me feel better so I could get my prescription filled.

She also informed me she does not know how much the antibiotic will cost. I felt she really didn't care what I thought. She decided she was done discussing my illness with me and left the room to send the nurse in to give me a shot. I also asked for a note to return to work.

I was given a note to go back to work on 1/22/2012. I picked up the antibiotic and asked the pharmacist if Clarithromycin was a form of Azithromycin, which I am highly allergic to. She said yes it is a form of it but I should not have any problem. I have been taking the antibiotic on time everyday and thought it would take a little longer for it to make me completely well, which is why we go to the doctor in the first place.

I was given a note to return to work on 01/24/2012 and still did not feel well enough. I received a call on 01/24/2011 from carenow. The nurse asked if I was feeling better, I told her yes I was but not completely well. She said if I decided the antibiotic wasn't working to give them a call and maybe they could call something else in.

She also stated that I could also come back in as well. I was charged 131.00 for the office visit and I also paid 94.11 for the antibiotic. I am now being told that I have to come in to be reevaluated by the physician to see if I need anymore antibiotics or not. So now I have to go back to the doctor and pay more money to get well.

That just does not seem fair. I went to the doctor with an objective and that was to get well. I looked everywhere on the internet for carenow's business objectives. I did not find any.

I question the moral and ethic of their motives. I wonder how they might be violating the physicans, nurses rights, on their policys and procedures for practicing medicine ethically. I feel all carenow wants is my money. They are money driven not driven to care about people.

At no point of my dealings with carenow have I ever felt like they cared about me or why I was there.

They do not care what I have to say. I essentially feel my rights to fair treatment and health do not exist within this company.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #805647

You're a child who didn't get the exact candy they wanted and now you're throwing a temper tantrum. "Yes, I'm feeling better, but I'm not completely well."

Suck it up buttercup!

Take Dayquil and Motrin like the rest of us and go back to work! Probably allergies anyway...


Thank you, to the people who bashed me. Your horrible thoughts have made me feel much better about deciding where NOT to spend my money.

I will tell all my friends where NOT to go!!!!

Otherwise i have no other words for you as somethings are just to ignorant to comment or reply to. ....and thank you smartpup!!!!!


These two comments show how ignorant people see things.

Springreed you are completely correct in your evaluation of 'CareNow' based on your experience, unlike these others who know nothing of CareNow unless they are employees/owners which I suspect they are.

'CareNow' is indeed a Mill and care only for charging as much as they can get by with! Over TWICE as much for an office visit as most reputable clinics.

I had a similar experience at CareNow in Garland. Charged $220 for an office visit! Self-pay- Unbelievable! Very greedy!

And fyi nikalseyn some people are not on insurance because they have just gotten hired and there is a waiting period, or a number of other reasons you have no idea about-don't be so ignorant! So those people 'deserve' to be overcharged in 'your' opinion? No-they have probably been without a job in this economy and have finally landed one and are trying to catch up and may have a young family. CareNow only adds to their problems by being so unreasonable with their charges!

Call first is my advice- if you can't get a straight answer about charges, like CareNow, it's a scam. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!


Wow this experience seems to be the exact opposite of "not caring" to me. They took the time to call you and check on you- something that never happens these days.

I don't know you, but you obviously are one of those people who think they know everything, including what medicine will work best for an infection, and are never happy with anything anyone does. You need to seriously reevaluate your expectations, because they are totally ridiculous!


Lady,(I assume you are a female because of the whining you are doing) you are close to lunacy! Please, you need help and fast! You went to the doctor, she gave you a shot and a prescription for a sinus infection, you are still not well, you don't want to go back in for a re-evaluation, and all you do is complain, complain, complain---about the doctor, the nurse, the bill, etc.

Perhaps you haven't heard, but an antibiotic does NOTHING to a virus. If you have a viral infection, no antibiotic will help you. Also, if you don't have medical insurance, then you have to pay the whole bill. Look at the money you saved by being *** and cheap and not buying insurance. All that money you saved by not paying premiums. Now you need to spend a bit of it. Big deal.

I know you want to "feel better" and to do so, I suggest you buy a quart of Gin, drink it, and you will feel better. If that does not work, get mommy to give you a wet cloth across the forhead and a nice hot water bottle for your tummy.

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