I hurt my legs at work and needed sometime to get better. Long story short, the kind DR.

gave me medicine I was allergic to and said to go to work in pain because " you can make money :) ". I ended up going to the hospital all because they wouldn't take me off work and their doctors say " we dont take people off work- ever" and if you are hurt at work and need PAID time off so you can pay your bills while your sick, FORGET IT! These people will never hurt their buddy the insurance company to pay one red penny to you. Try not to deal with this CARE-NEVER.

Right now I am really struggling with bills , have nobody to help me and its all their fault.

Now I go to work in pain and I am left hurt, no treatment. Thanks a lot Carenow

Monetary Loss: $20000.

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Fort Worth, Texas, United States #834571

Booohoo! You're just pissed off that they wouldn't give you an excuse to be a lazy ***.

to NurseRobbie Denton, Texas, United States #858861

Nurse Robbie, your a sorry excuse for a nurse, i re ently. Was in a car accident which was not my fault, and you people took me off work then come back with we dont take people off work.

People need to realize all doctors snd nurse work by a license, they need to complain on your license through the nursing board. I no im reporting mine to the board....not all are ***

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